Together.Forward Casting call - FAQs

This is your opportunity to be featured in our next IQOS campaign and get rewarded – by sharing your best IQOS moment with us. We would like to hear about your experiences as real IQOS users switching to IQOS and leaving smoking behind, because nothing is more motivating to other adult smokers and IQOS users than your progress.

There are 3 stages: Application, Interview and finally Photo/Video Shooting with the opportunity for those participating to earn rewards and win prizes as they progress along the way. Please note that your participation is subject to your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

For each completed activity, you will be rewarded with the following:

1. For successful submission of the application form, you will get a Php500 worth of IQOS voucher + one (1) free pack of HEETS™

2. If your entry is selected, attend a one-on-one interview and get a PHP1500 IQOS voucher + 1 free pack of HEETS™

3. The winners get $2,000 USD and an all expense paid trip to the global photoshoot.

Registered IQOS Users will receive an announcement on the start of the program duration through email, SMS, and Viber. Participants may also visit the site and get visibility of topline mechanics on the IQOS Stories Homeblock
Please check if the contact details on your account page are up to date. The IQOS reward will be sent to the email address provided. Kindly call #983838 for concerns.

During the casting call, we use your data which you share with us to help with the selection process according to our Terms and Conditions*, which you must read and accept prior to submitting your application.

According to the Terms and Conditions we will use your data and the information you provide in your application or during the interview, particularly your experience as an IQOS user in the next IQOS Campaign. All the material created and produced during the shoot, including any material you participate in, shall be used by us for the next IQOS Campaign around the world.

We will use your data in accordance with the privacy notice in the Terms & Conditions also available at