Get P1,500 each¹ when you visit an IQOS Store with friends² and try IQOS

How many friends can I bring to an IQOS Store to avail of this promotion?

You must visit the IQOS store in a group of at least two (2) legal-age smokers, 21 years old and above in order to qualify for the promotion. Please note that physical distancing, wearing of facemasks and face shields, maximum space capacity and other standard health protocols will strictly be implemented in the IQOS Stores. Customers are expected to abide by all applicable health and safety protocols of the malls and local government units.

What do I have to do to get the Php1,500 IQOS Store Voucher?

You and your friends (legal-age smokers, 21 years old and above) must visit any of our IQOS Stores, undergo Guided Trial with our IQOS Sales Experts and you must purchase your first IQOS Device in our IQOS Stores to receive the Php1,500 IQOS Store Voucher.


If not all my friends decide to purchase an IQOS Device, will I still get the Php 1,500 IQOS Store Voucher?

Yes. The Php1,500 Store Voucher will be given to those who decide to purchase an IQOS Device. (e.g. you went to the store in a group and of 3 and completed a Guided Trial with an IQOS Sales Expert but only 1 of you decided to purchase, the one who decided to purchase will receive the Php1,500 IQOS Store Voucher)


Where can I use the Php 1,500 IQOS Store voucher?

The Php1,500 IQOS Store voucher can be used in any IQOS Store in Metro Manila. To find out the locations of our IQOS Stores, please visit our IQOS Store Locator


If I have an MGM Code and I come to the store with friends, will I be able to still get the Php 1,500 Try With Friends voucher?

No. Only 1 promotion can be applied to your first device purchase. If you/your group have /has an MGM Code, you will have to choose between using the MGM Discount or the Try With Friends discount. Please note that if you choose the Try With Friends Discount, the person who owns the MGM Code you intend to use will not receive his referral reward (Php 1,500 for the 1st and 5th referral and 750 for other referrals until the 10th referral)