IQOS Club Members get to celebrate their birthday with a surprise gift from IQOS.

Where can I redeem my surprise gift?

An email is sent on the first day of your birthday month. Just follow the instructions in the email to find out your surprise gift!

Until when can I redeem my surprise gift?

You may redeem the voucher up until the 15th of the month after your birth month. (e.g. your birth month is April, you may use the IQOS voucher until May 15, 2021)

How do I know if I’m an IQOS Club Member?

If you have an IQOS device linked to your account, you’re automatically an IQOS Club Member! 

How do I know if I have a linked device?

Go to your account and check My Devices.

Not yet a member? Link your device today!

To know more, you may check out the Terms and Conditions.

For questions, you may reach out to the IQOS Customer Care team.