Quick Start

Learn more about your IQOS 3 device

Quick Start

The basics to begin with your IQOS

Are you running out of battery? Check how to charge it here.

An easy step, easy to understand

Keep it clean

Keeping your device clean on a daily basis guarantees a optimized performance of your device. Our IQOS cleaning tools will help keep your device in top condition.

Pro Tips

Never twist the tobacco stick while inserting it in your Holder, it can damage the heating blade.

You only need to press once on the Holder’s (Device's) button to activate the heating blade.

Once the light indicator goes from blinking to steady, it’s ready to use.

Pressing the button again may turn it off.

When the light stays white, it's ready to use!

Remember to keep your Pocket Charger (Device) battery charged daily. Try to charge it at the same time as you charge your phone.

Charging is faster if plugged to a wall power outlet than laptop’s USB ports.

To ensure your IQOS delivers the best performance every time, clean your holder every day with our IQOS cleaning tools.