Quick Start

Learn more about your IQOS 2.4 PLUS device

Your first step with IQOS

Box opening, charging, first use, cleaning and tips. Our coach is there for you.

Quick Start

The basics to begin with your IQOS

Are you running out of battery? Check how to charge it here.

An easy step, easy to understand

Keep it clean

Keeping your device clean on a daily basis guarantees a optimized performance of your device. Our IQOS cleaning tools will help keep your device in top condition.

1. Turn on the pocket charger

Press and hold for 4 seconds the pocket charger button.  The lights indicate the battery level of your IQOS.

You won’t have to repeat this step for your next use.

2. Charge holder

Insert IQOS holder inside your pocket charger, then close door to charge. Press and release the holder button to check remaining number of uses. 

3. Start heating

Remove IQOS holder from your pocket charger, then press the holder button until holder vibrates and light pulses white.

Wait 2 to 3 seconds before inserting a tobacco unit. 

4. Insert Tobacco unit

Insert and gently press the tobacco unit to the line on the filter with filter facing outside.

Start to use when light stops flashing.

Don’t press the button while using, it would turn the holder off.

5. Begin use

Start using once the holder vibrates twice. To signal the last 30 seconds the holder older will vibrate twice with light pulsing white.

Slide cap upward and then remove used tobacco unit.

6. Clean the holder

Clean your holder every 20 uses.

Insert gently the cleaning device into the holder and rotate 2 to 3 times. Stop rotating before removing the cleaning tool.

Wait 30 seconds for your device to cool down before cleaning. 

7. Charge pocket charger

For fast charging, plug your pocket charger to a wall socket with the USB cable and the power adaptor.

Fully charge your IQOS kit before first use (2 hours).

User guide

Download the user guide.