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What does it mean when a red LED on my IQOS device lights up or is blinking?

A red LED on the holder or the device indicates that something is not in order on your IQOS. For example, the heating blade may have broken off or there is a device error. Please try the following steps: 
  • Make sure ambient temperature is between the recommended range for your model.
  • If necessary, clean the battery contacts.
  • In the event of a device error, perform a device reset.
  • Otherwise, check the current firmware version on your IQOS device and, if necessary, perform a firmware update with the IQOS app.
  • If the device reset has not resolved the issue, or if you suspect the heating blade has broken off, then launch the online-diagnostic tool.
If you have any further questions, please contact IQOS live chat on the IQOS website or a staff member at an IQOS Store near you.
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