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What do the LEDs on my IQOS 3 DUO mean?

The LEDs on your IQOS device have different meanings:

White LEDs signal that the IQOS 3 DUO is carrying out one of various operations (e.g. charging, resetting, operational readiness, full charge), or that the pocket charger is no longer in a suitable temperature range.
A red LED indicates an error.

White light on the holder:
The two white LEDs on the holder indicate charge level. Two illuminated LEDs indicate you can consume two HEETS tobacco sticks with the charge on the holder. If one LED is illuminated, then you can enjoy one further HEETS tobacco stick.

Holder light is blinking white:
The device is not within the operating temperature range (0°C to 50°C) or the holder needs to be fully recharged using the pocket charger.

Red lights on the pocket charger:
Holder display light is blinking red: Holder malfunction, holder has no charge, or the heating blade has broken off.
Bottom pocket charger light is blinking red: Please reset the device.

Red lights on the holder:
Holder light is blinking red: Heating blade has broken off or holder malfunction. Please reset the device.

If your device has a solid or blinking red LED, please reset your device, perform a firmware update with the IQOS app or launch the online-diagnostic tool.
Need further assistance? If you require further assistance, please contact our IQOS live chat or a staff member at an IQOS Store near you.
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