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How can I check the battery charge level on my IQOS model?

You can see the battery charge level on your IQOS device by simply pressing a button:

1. Briefly press the button on your Pocket Charger one time.
2. The status LEDs will light up and show the battery charge level:
  • 4 LEDs = battery fully charged (over 75%)
  • 1 LED = battery low. The device needs to be recharged
It’s also very easy to check the charge level on your IQOS device using the IQOS app. The App also offers many further advantages (e.g. upgrading the firmware on your IQOS to the latest version). To use the IQOS app, simply log in to your IQOS user profile on, go to "My device(s)", select the respective Pocket Charger and click on "View details" and then on "IQOS app". 
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