Oct 12, 2020

HEETS Terra will soon be called HEETS Russet.

HEETS Terra tobacco sticks will be available worldwide starting in late October - under the globally uniform name HEETS Russet Selection. Please note HEETS Russet Selection is not a new HEETS flavor and the familiar taste of HEETS Terra Selection will remain unchanged under the new name. HEETS Russet tobacco sticks will continue to complement the HEETS product range for IQOS tobacco vaporizers. Like all other varieties - HEETS Bronze, Sienna, Teak, Amber, Yellow, and Yellow Green Selection - HEETS Russet tobacco sticks will still be available at all well-known HEETS points of sale. Important note: HEETS tobacco sticks are not risk-free. They contain nicotine, an addictive substance naturally present in tobacco.

HEETS Russet tobacco sticks: one of seven varieties.

Flavor characterized by the full-bodied taste of roasted tobacco refined with a note of mature aroma. Like all other varieties, HEETS Russet tobacco sticks are made from real tobacco leaves processed to guarantee the unadulterated taste of tobacco. IQOS and HEETS were developed so that the experience is comparable to a cigarette and lasts up to 6 minutes.

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HEETS tobacco variety

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