IQOS Installment Terms & Conditions

I.               Purpose of this service

This IQOS installment service are based on IQOS installment policies of Philip Morris Vietnam (hereinafter refer to as “Company”), operated by Ngan Luong Joint Stock Company.

Access to this implied the knowledge and acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

II.             Subscription to this service

1.     Customer who wishes to register for this service (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant”) shall apply by Face to Face application at our IQOS boutique Store. However, we may suspend or abolish the acceptance of application from this channel any time without prior notification.

2.     Customer can register for Installment only by paying via eligible credit card listed in “Eligibility Article”

3.     In the event of dispute between the applicant and the credit card issuing bank, both parties shall resolve it and the Company shall not be liable at all.

III.            Eligibility

1.     The applicant must be a legal aged smoker and living in Vietnam.

2.     The applicant is the owner of Visa, Master or JCB credit cardholder issued by associated banks of Ngan Luong. Debit cards and Credit card issued overseas cannot be used.

3.     The minimum order value is from VND 3million (net order value after deducting all valid discount or promotion)

4.     The maximum order value is VND 5.6 million (maximum 2 devices in one order)

5.     The installment is applied for IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3 Multi and IQOS Magnus or combo of Device and Accessories, depending on the Company’s policy in each certain period.

6.     The application may be rejected if the applicant falls under any of the following reasons:

o   Credit Cardholder is in breach of any terms & conditions from the card issuing bank.

o   The remaining validity of the Credit Card is shorter than the installment payment term.

o   The remaining balance of the Credit card is insufficient

o   When it is found that the applicant is non-existent person or when it is not possible for card issuing bank that the person who performed the application procedure is the applicant himself/herself.

o   If we cannot confirm that the applicant is legal aged smoker.

o   If we determine that it is inappropriate to provide this service to the applicant

IV.           Tenor & Usage fee of this service

Depending on the policy of each credit card issuing bank and the Company:

1.     Installment terms are regulated by the Company and the Company has right to change the terms without prior notification. Terms can be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months

2.     The applicant may have to pay the credit card payment processing fee or installment service fee. All the fee will be informed to the applicant before payment is processed.

3.     In case the applicant wishes to cancel or withdraw from the installment service during registered period, the applicant may be charged following fee:

o   Settlement fee from paid off before installment due date

o   Installment interest rate

V.             Terms of this program

1.     The applicant cannot cancel the orders after the transaction has been successfully converted to installment.

2.     The applicant can register for the installment only by processing payment as a whole, not as a part.

3.     The transaction shall be converted to installment automatically, which means the applicant shall not have to call the issuing bank to register for installment, except for Maritime bank credit card owner (**).

4.     Each applicant is entitled to participate in the Program as many times as wished, as long as that the total value of the orders does not exceed the Customer’s credit card limit. However, we may suspend or abolish the purchasing request in case we detect any potential fraud or reseller activities.

VI.           Return and Replacement

Order cancellation after transaction has been successfully converted to installment is not acceptable, however, we may accept returns and replacement in some exceptional cases (refer to our Return & Replacement terms & conditions)

(*) List of associated banks with MPOS

1. Vietcombank

2. Eximbank

3. VPBank

4. Maritime Bank

5. ANZ

6. Citibank

7. VIB

8. Techcombank

(**) Process to register Installment 

Step 1: The applicant select product at IQOS Boutique store

Step 2: Select the credit card type in our list which supporting Installment

Step 3: provide card for store staff

Step 4: Process payment (minimum order value must be from VND 3 million). The transaction will be converted to installment immediately without any required actions from the applicant, except for applicant who is Maritime card owner

o   Maritime: latest 3-5 days after transaction date and 2 days before card statement is issued, the applicant needs to contact Maritime hotline 1800599999 to be supported for installment registration.