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Benefit from our free and comprehensive additional services for your IQOS.

International assistance

IQOS Care Plus provides coverage even when you're travelling abroad. Our international hotline is there to help in the event of a warranty claim and, as needed, to replace your defective device for free.

Accidental damage coverage

If you accidentally damage your IQOS device, we'll replace it for free. Even in the event of a damage caused by you, with IQOS Care Plus.

Registration is easy.

First of all you need a user profile on Log in to your existing account or register for a new one using the link below.

Secondly, your device has to be registered. You can easily register your device in your "My Devices" section within your user profile by clicking on "Add a device" and following a few simple steps.

If your IQOS is already registered you can automatically enjoy the free service package of IQOS Care Plus for your device.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

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International assistance

If you are on a holiday or travelling for work in a country where IQOS is available and your device is damaged, let us know. Free replacements are also possible there.

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Voluntary warranty

From us to you: We provide you with a voluntary 12-month warranty on your IQOS device in addition to your statutory warranty rights.

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Sometimes a quick fix is all it takes. Let us help you troubleshoot your IQOS device. Around the clock.

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