Introducing the first fruit flavoured HEETS without menthol

We will delight you with a novelty combining taste of real tobacco with raspberry tones.
For the first time in our portfolio we will carry tobacco without menthol or mint.

Do you crave for fruit flavours but don’t like the smell of menthol? We heard you out and we are launching a novelty – HEETS with Ruby Fuse flavour! It introduces a high quality tobacco blend enriched with a fruity aroma with tones of raspberries and flowers. It is the right choice for you if want to feel fruity flavour without menthol while you enjoy your real tobacco experience or you want to enrich collection of your favourite tobacco sticks with some fruity tones. 

Ruby Fuse will hit the Czech market at the beginning of August, now available at our e-shop and in IQOS branded and partner stores. You can recognize it very easily as the Ruby Fuse box stands out thanks to the combination of a translucent shade of dark pink with a juicy raspberry colour on the sides. As soon as you open the pack, you will smell a delicate fruit scent. Together with the quality tobacco that we use in our tobacco sticks, they create a unique, slightly sweet harmonious taste.

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Roasted tobacco blend enriched with a fruity aroma with tones of raspberries and flowers.


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Ruby Fuse will complement our existing range of tobacco sticks with fruit flavours, which includes citrus based Willow Selection or Mauve Wave enriched with dark forest fruits aroma nuances. Unlike others on our portfolio, Ruby Fuse is the first one which allows for you to enjoy the flavour of tobacco and fruits without the added mint or menthol.

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If you really want to be among the first to try our new flavour, you can find it as of August 1st at our e-shop and in IQOS branded and partner stores. As a member of IQOS CLUB you can also look forward to a 9% cash-back* which is valid for this exclusive offer as well as for all purchases of HEETS tobacco sticks. We will give you back 9% of the price from every purchase of Ruby Fuse in a form of IQOS CLUB Wallet Points. You can exchange these points for discount vouchers. Another benefit of purchasing from our e-shop is the next day delivery** and free shipping for orders over 1000 CZK.

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The Ruby Fuse tobacco sticks will soon be available at newsagents and other retailers. The choice of flavours and other IQOS products may vary from vendor to vendor.

* 9 % cash-back in form of IQOS CLUB Wallet Points for purchasing tobacco sticks HEETS and VEEV pods is limited to three purchases per month. Cashback on other items is 3%. Valid only for members of IQOS CLUB.
** Valid for orders placed on our official e-shop at before 6pm.

Get money back!

  • 9% in points for the purchase of consumables for IQOS and IQOS VEEV,
  • 3% in points for other goods purchased in IQOS stores and in our e-shop.

You can earn up to 300 points every month for all your purchases. Offer valid only for IQOS CLUB members.

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